Window Grilles – Rejas

While still not so common in the UK, window security grilles are standard in Spanish homes. They look good, can be fitted to just about any window or sliding door, and require very little maintenance. They also provide the optimal solution against burglars or unwanted intruders – by creating a secure physical obstruction between the interior of your home and undesirable visitors.


Secure Your Home In Spain With Rejas

Window grilles are an absolute must if you live in a villa, townhouse or ground floor apartment; but you are advised to fit them even if your apartment is on a higher floor, or at least on the windows and doors that are accessible from a balcony.

According to a 2014 study of burglaries in Spain carried out by the Home Insurance Devision of Linea Directa where the official data on burglaries in Spanish homes in the last 6 years was analysed, 40% of all burglars were able to enter the victim’s home through a window. When you consider the relatively low cost of covering your windows with security grills, it makes no sense to invite thieves into your home via unprotected windows.

Window bars and grilles are extremely practical in warmer countries, as they allow you to keep your windows open and allow the air to circulate during the hot humid weather during summer months. You can even leave your windows open all night without fear of putting yourself or your family at risk if the windows are protected with metal grilles.

We offer rejas (as window railings are called in Spanish) in a wide range of styles and colours, and our grilles are custom made to fit your windows and doors exactly. We only use local Costa Blanca manufacturers as not only are these grilles of extremely high quality, it also ensures prices are kept as low as possible.

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