Blinds – Persianas

There are many styles of blinds you can chose from as window and door coverings for your Costa Blanca home or business premises, ranging from simple slat blinds which are designed to keep the sun out, to strong electronic motorised blinds, principally manufactured to keep your property as secure as it can possibly be and impossible for intruders to enter.


Secure your Costa Blanca home in with persiansas.

For the business owner, we usually recommend a full “persiana eléctrica” that when shut, completely covers the entrance to your premises. You can choose between a grilled style that allows passersby to be able to view your merchandise even when your business is closed (this is a style preferred by shop and retail business owners) or a blind that provides your business with a full metal cover, where it is impossible to see what is behind the blind. This model is usually favoured by bar and restaurant owners, who do not want potential thieves to see fruit machines, cigarette machines, or other potential sources of cash on display when the business is closed.

For the homeowner the choices are vast – for decades chord operated persianas have been predominant in many Spanish properties, and it is hard to find a better window covering to protect against temperature extremities or keep unwanted daylight out so efficiently. Chorded blinds are also very practical, as you can adjust them to allow a little light or breeze in if you so wish.

Here at Secure Home 24/7, we offer a full range of business and residential blinds, and as with all our products, your security and satisfaction as our customer is utmost in our mind when it comes to deciding the products we offer you as our customer.

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